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Summary report of LUCIA local economic expert workshops now available

LUCIA workshop participant list

LUCIA has published a report summarising a series of local expert workshops in five LUCIA pilot cities during October and November 2019. In the workshops, urban and infrastructure planners, local energy / electricity company representatives and other stakeholders explored the economic aspects of smart urban lighting and received up-to-date information about the topic.

Together with the local LUCIA project managers, the Finnish Posintra Ltd. and the subcontracted expert company FCG Design and Engineering Ltd. were responsible for implementing and facilitating the workshops in Porvoo (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Jūrmala (Latvia), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Hamburg (Germany). The total number of participants reached 57 persons dealing with lighting.

On the local level, the workshops helped representatives of our pilot sites with their specific features and goals to become more familiar with other local parties and to better understand the multi-stakeholder context of their pilot project.

“A common conclusion was that finding new cooperative ways to organize a project holds the key to win-win and larger economic benefits”, says Topi Haapanen of Posintra Ltd.

On the transnational level, the workshops helped to sharpen the content of economic factsheets and the needs and purpose of an economic calculation tool that LUCIA project partners are now working on.

Download the report

Impressions from the workshops