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Hamburg, Borough of Altona

Public lighting for the liveable public pathway “Elbewanderweg”

The LUCIA pilot site in Hamburg is situated along the famous “Elbewanderweg”, a walking and cycling pathway along the river Elbe. Many inhabitants of Hamburg’s bourough of Altona know this area as a “green lung” for recreational activities.

This pathway is also a central commuter route for cylists and pedestrians along and across the river Elbe to Hamburg-Finkenwerder and to central Hamburg. Currently, there is no public lighting at all in certain parts of the project area. LUCIA wants to close these gaps and will introduce a light art concept for a small pedestrian and cyclists tunnel under the Elbchaussee street and new modern energy efficient public lighting along parts of the pathway.

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Representative: Heike Bunte

Characteristics of the (pilot site) area:

  • Approximate 1.5 km long pedestrian/cyclists route with a width of 4 m asphalt and/or waterbound surface
  • During daily peak hours more than 5.000 cyclists and pedestrians travel each direction from the public quai “Teufelsbrück” along and over the river Elbe.
  • The small and narrow pedestrian and cyclist tunnel under the street “Elbchaussee” at the corner of the street “Elbschloßstraße” currently constitutes a “room of fear”.
  • Illumination of public steps from the pathway up to the street “Elbchaussee”.

Current lighting situation:

  • Missing public lighting at public steps and parts of pathway along the 1,5km distance

Aims of the pilot site project:

  • Close the gaps with public lighting along the pathway and sideways e.g. tunnel and steps
  • Minimisation to protect nocturnal species through modern lighting solutions
  • Integration of public through public participation processes.

LUCIA pilot site documentation

  • The pilotsite reports start with short summary factsheets in english language and further present in local language detailed documentations of the pilot sites with descriptions of works, pictures, results and references to the participation process.

Download pilot site documentation Hamburg

The wish to illuminate additional parts of the public pathway is based on several decisions e.g. to increase subjective and objective safety. Energy efficiency plays an important role as old, existing luminaires will be replaced by modern, state-of-the art luminaires. LUCIA also highlights aspects related to the protection of rare species such as bats and insects and discusses the issue of “dark sky areas”. At the same time, LUCIA aims to increase the feeling of safety for inhabitants through light art based lighting solutions for “fear rooms” such as the narrow pedestrian and cyclist tunnel.

Several stakeholders are involved in realising LUCIA’s pilot project in Hamburg, covering topids such as environment, urban planning, technology and energy efficiency. The city owned lighting company will be in charge of setting up all lamps and posts.

Commuters Taking The Ferry To And From Teufelsbrück In Hamburg, Germany
Pedestrians At The Public Quai At “Teufelsbrück”
Impressions From The “Elbewanderweg” Public Pathway In Hamburg, Germany
Standard Luminaire At The “Elbewanderweg” Public Pathway
A Part Of The “Elbewanderweg” Pathway In Hamburg Currently Lacking Lighting
Staircase From The The Public Pathway To Ebchaussee, Currently Without Any Lighting
The Pedestrian And Cyclists Tunnel Under The Elbchaussee Street
View Out Of The Pedestrian And Cyclists Tunnel Under The Elbchaussee Street