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SPbPU campus, St. Petersburg

Innovative solutions for an energy-efficient outdoor lighting of a park alley

The campus of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) contains historical and modern educational, social, research and residential buildings as well as green and sports areas. As part of a currently ongoing modernisation of the campus, it is foreseen to install 22 multifunctional and smart illuminations as well as artistic illuminations that provide energy saving solutions and improve the level of comfort and perceived safety on the campus. It is also foreseen to add artistic illuminations of water tower and other historical buildings.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Representative: Yury Nurulin

Characteristics of the (pilot site) area:

  • The central SPbPU campus has a total area of more than 250 000 m2.
  • On the central campus, there are 8 educational buildings, 3 administrative buildings, 2 apartment houses, 4 manufacturing buildings, a kindergarten,a tennis court as well as a park area.
  • The pilot area consists of approx. 3000 m2 around a park alley on the central campus.

Current lighting situation:

  • Old lamp posts with overhead electric line and inefficient luminaires
  • Lack of lighting in some areas
  • No automated control system of outdoor lighting

Aims of the pilot site project:

  • Increasing the energy efficiency and the feeling of safety on the central campus
  • Piloting innovative solutions for outdoor lighting on the campus by installing 22 multifunctional and smarz illuminators in the pilot area

LUCIA pilot site documentation

  • The pilotsite reports start with short summary factsheets in english language and further present in local language detailed documentations of the pilot sites with descriptions of works, pictures, results and references to the participation process.

Download pilot site documentation St. Petersburg

SPbPU campus is located in Kalininsky district in the northern part of of Saint-Petersburg. The campus area is mainly used by

  • SPbPU students (32 000 persons),
  • SPbPU staff (3500 persons),
  • residents of apartment houses (450 persons),
  • residents of surrounding homes using SPbPU campus for leisure activities (around 100 persons per day).

The land and real estate at the SPbPU campus belong to the state. SPbPU has the right of unlimited use and is obliged to maintain and use them for educational purposes. SPbPU Department of Chief Energy is responsible for development and maintenance of outdoor lighting on the campus. A predesign study for a modern outdoor lighting system on the campus has been done by this department and the appearance of the new lamp posts was developed and agreed (see gallery picture below).

Using experience of St. Petersburg’s municipal outdoor lighting company LENSVET and best practices of the other LUCIA partner cities, modern and innovative solutions for an energy efficient outdoor lighting will be piloted on the SPbPU campus.

Appearance of new lamp posts to be installed at the SPbPU campus in St Petersburg
Panorama of the SPbPU campus area
SPbPU main buidling at night