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Länsiranta, Porvoo (Finland)

Pedestrian route will highlight the new area in Porvoo

The new culture and leisure area of Länsiranta is currently developing. The upcoming pedestrian route will combine Länsiranta, the center of Porvoo and Old Porvoo, serving the residents and tourists. Innovative procurement of lighting is expected. Local renewable energy with storage possibility would be an advantage in achieving a carbon neutral area.

Along the new pedestrian route between central Porvoo and the Länsiranta area, a new lighting system including atmospheric lighting and other features will be installed according to a concept to be developed by a designer.

City of Porvoo

Representative: Yolanda Potrykus

Characteristics of the (pilot site) area:

  • Approximately 1 km pedestrian route
  • Pedestrian route is located in the new area called Länsiranta, along the river Porvoonjoki
  • There is currently no official pedestrian route, only gravelled road
  • The road is currently mostly used by residents of Porvoo

Current lighting situation:

  • There is currently no lighting on the pedestrian route

Aim of the pilot site project:

  • To combine the center of Porvoo, the Old Porvoo and the Länsiranta together
  • Illuminated route to the outdoor area
  • Implement energy-efficient and intelligent lighting in Länsiranta

Building site blog

  • A new blog set up by our partners from Porvoo allows you to follow this pilot project in more details – from design to implementation. It is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

LUCIA pilot site documentation

  • The pilotsite reports start with short summary factsheets in english language and further present in local language detailed documentations of the pilot sites with descriptions of works, pictures, results and references to the participation process.

Download pilot site documentationPorvoo

The new area Länsiranta on the western river bank is developing in Porvoo. The area combines services, residental areas, an event area, parks and an outdoor area. The City of Porvoo’s Municipal Engineering Department has selected the pedestrian route in Länsiranta as a pilot site. The project team includes Municipal Engineering Manager Kari Hällström, Planning Manager Elina Leppänen, City Gardener Mikko Kaunisto, Community planner Enni Flykt and Project Coordinator Yolanda Potrykus.

This city is going to build the new pedestrian route with new lighting along the river Porvoonjoki. The construction will be carried out in two parts, first on the northern side of Aleksanteri’s Bridge and then on the southern side of Aleksanteri’s Bridge. This reinforces the fuctionality and suitability of the experiments in the area.

The city of Porvoo aims at bringing new intelligent and energy efficient lighting to the area. The area is still developing, so it easy to bring in innovation experiments.

The illuminated pedestrian route brings not only comfort but also a sense of security to the area. There are residential areas and services in Länsiranta, so the lighting pedestrian route serves both residents and customers. The illuminated pedestrian route also attracts tourists and boaters passing by. What is more, the pedestrian route has a positive impact on environment, as good transport links encourage residents to cycle and walk instead using a car.

Sustainable and efficient lighting will begin at the planning stage. The lighting will be built to be durable and permanent in the area. The City of Porvoo takes care of the lighting.

Impressions from the pedestrian route along Porvoonjoki river in Porvoo
Impressions from the pedestrian route along Porvoonjoki river in Porvoo
Impressions from the pedestrian route along Porvoonjoki river in Porvoo
Impressions from the pedestrian route along Porvoonjoki river in Porvoo
Impressions from the pedestrian route along Porvoonjoki river in Porvoo