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Hamburg: kick-off for interactive participation tools and lighting workshop

LUCIA pilot site area in Hamburg

The Borough of Altona (city of Hamburg) has launched an online participation tool. With the COVID-19 pandemic the LUCIA team was challenged to rethink the originally planned face-to-face activities and switch to digital alternatives. With a map based questionnaire citizens have now the possibility to write and locate their opinions and experiences about the lighting situation at the pilot site “Elbwanderweg”.  The survey collects information about the perception of light and sense of safety along the river Elbe and a pedestrian tunnel. Geo-referenced submissions allow the participants to locate comments, opinions and ideas at the pilot site and highlight special areas. The participation tool can be used throughout the summer. The submissions will all be collected, reviewed and evaluated. These results are an important base for the following feasibility study and future concepts.

With the easing of the COVID-19 regulations in Hamburg, an interactive and creative lighting workshop will give additional input for the process. With the lighting planning bureau Ulrike Brandi Licht – Lichtplanung und Leuchtenentwicklung local residents are invited to experiment with the different effects of light at the pilot site and discuss their opinions. The pedestrian tunnel “Elbschlosstunnel” is the investigated area, where the perception of light and colour with different materials will be tested.  The results will be documented with video statements from the participants and with short questionnaires. The event will be held outside and under the hygiene regulations given by the Borough of Altona.

In addition to the workshop, guided evening walks along the pilot site are planned. The focus here is the lighting situation along the pilot site in connection to the following topics: light pollution / protection of species and the subjective experience of safety. Therefore the guided tours are developed in cooperation with environmental experts and a local police department.. The walking tours will be held in small groups with local residents and supervised by the experts and the LUCIA team.