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Discover the LUCIA Knowledge Centre!

Turn noise into knowledge.
Capture, curate and exchange!

As a lot of knowledge already exists, the LUCIA Knowledge Centre (KC) aims to make the best use of it and encourage peer-to-peer exchanges on urban lighting within the Baltic Sea region.

Existing user can log in to the LUCIA KC here. If you’re interested in joining this community, read more on the LUCIA KC and how to join it below.

Screenshot of the LUCIA knowledge centre

What is the LUCIA Knowledge Centre?

The LUCIA Knowledge Centre is a new 2.0 collaborative forum for urban lighting professionals across the Baltic Sea region, Europe and beyond. Plugged into the LUCI Hub online knowledge-sharing platform for urban lighting professionals, it is:

  • A resource centre on urban lighting with lighting news monitoring, case studies, event presentations, good practices, reports and more on city lighting strategies and projects.
  • A collaborative tool to build collective knowledge with dedicated thematic spaces to continue your discussions and help you collectively build upon existing information with new ideas.
  • A social space to connect with the urban lighting community online, create new conversations, exchange lighting projects, experiences, feedback, advice and inspiration.

What’s in it for you?

The LUCIA Knowledge Centre is a place where you can:

  • Find information on many lighting topics, especially “sustainable” and “smart” lighting
  • Get feedback on your lighting projects
  • Get updates on the latest results of the LUCIA project
  • Inspire others with what inspires you (share articles, reports or news on urban lighting)
  • Be inspired by lighting projects and good practices from all over the world

How may I join this online community?

The LUCIA KC is funded by the EU Interreg project LUCIA, with the support of the City of Gothenburg and LUCI Association. To ensure a good quality of exchanges on the platform, there are a limited number of members in the LUCIA KC.

The LUCIA project partners are looking for active members who can contribute to the platform by sharing ideas, inspirations and knowledge on the issues of urban lighting and engage themselves within the community.

To be considered for access to the LUCIA KC and become a part of this exchange community of peers, please submit an application.

Your application to join the LUCIA KC will be reviewed by the LUCIA project partners, and if you are admitted within the community, your access will be free of charge until the end of 2021.

Criteria of selection will be:

  • Living in the Baltic Sea region and neighbouring countries,
  • Be professionally involved in lighting projects, especially outdoor urban lighting project.
  • Active interest and desire to contribute to the regional exchange of knowledge.
Screenshot of the LUCIA knowledge centre