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Jūrmala – Jomas street

Central pedestrian street lighting will become more attractive and energy efficient

Jomas street, the central pedestrian street in Jūrmala, is a favourite meeting point, walking and recreation area for residents and guests. The street welcomes around 3 million people per year, offering a multitude of cafes and restaurants, as well as other services.

In LUCIA, the illumination on roughly 1km of the central pedestrian street will be renovated. About 100 luminaires will be replaced and smart motion sensors will be installed.

Jūrmala City Council

Representative: Ieva Smildzina

Characteristics of the (pilot site) area:

  • Approximately 1.1 km pedestrian route
  • Pedestrian route on Jomas street is located in the city centre, close to train station “Majori”
  • There is “Jomas street festival” organized each year in honor of the pedestrian street
  • The pedestrian street is used by tourists and residents of Jurmala city as many of cafes, restaurants and hotels are located on Jomas street

Current lighting situation:

  • There are 109 lampposts (3Na light bulbs x 70W) with ineffective and old lighting on the pedestrian street

Aims of the pilot site project:

  • To make Jomas street more attractive for residents and tourists
  • To implement intelligent lighting in Jomas street
  • Increase energy efficiency by replacing old lighting

LUCIA pilot site documentation

  • The pilotsite reports start with short summary factsheets in english language and further present in local language detailed documentations of the pilot sites with descriptions of works, pictures, results and references to the participation process.

Download pilot site documentation Jūrmala

Jomas street has been selected as the demonstration site because of its significance in the development of Jūrmala’s image. Improvements of the street lighting will benefit not only residents, but also tourists.

Jomas street is one of the oldest and central streets of Jūrmala with restaurants, summer terraces, hotels and cafes with live music.

109 lampposts will be replaced with energy-efficient LED lights, as well as lighting controls installed with motion sensors. The motion sensors will control the intensity of the lighting according to the movement and flow of pedestrians and will ensure electricity saving when pedestrians are not visiting Jomas Street. Additional smart features and the functionality of lighting will be discussed with residents of Jūrmala City technical project designers.

The investments will remain in the ownership of Jūrmala City Council at least five years after the project end date, as Jūrmala City Council is the owner of the land and existing infrastructure in the planned project pilot site – Jomas street.

All lighting inftrastructure is being maintained and managed by the municipal lighting company Jūrmalas gaisma Ltd., therefore sustainability after the realization of pilot site will be ensured.

Impressions from Jomas steet in Jūrmala, Latvia
Impressions from Jomas steet in Jūrmala, Latvia
Impressions from Jomas steet in Jūrmala, Latvia
Impressions from Jomas steet in Jūrmala, Latvia
Impressions from Jomas steet in Jūrmala, Latvia