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Local expert workshops explore economic aspects of energy efficient urban lighting

LUCIA local economic expert workshop in Porvoo, Finland on 1 October 2019

In October and November 2019, the LUCIA project will run a series of interactive expert workshops in five of the LUCIA pilot cities. The aim of these local workshops is to increase experts’ and decision makers’ knowledge on economic aspects and the potential of urban lighting. It’s not only about energy savings from new technologies, but also potential business opportunities.

The workshops will feature presentations of interesting international examples. Workshop participants will also evaluate the financial base and address the financial objectives of each LUCIA pilot site. Furthermore, the workshops will feed into the development of a user-friendly calculation tool that LUCIA is developing to facilitate the work of urban lighting designers.

The interactive workshops will be held in October and November 2019 in Porvoo (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Jurmala (Latvia), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Hamburg (Germany). The target groups for the workshop are lighting and financial planners, urban planners, power grid experts and energy companies in the respective municipalities. Decision makers as well as other stakeholders dealing with lighting solutions of the targeted pilot areas are also welcome.

A summary of the workshops will be published on this website in due course, so stay tuned! LUCIA partners will use all the information gathered in these local expert workshops to prepare a series of factsheets. These factsheets shall summarise different aspects of energy-efficient and smart urban lighting solutions for municipal experts and decision makers.

Posintra Ltd. and the FCG Design and Engineering Ltd. from Finland – together with the local LUCIA project managers – are responsible for the workshops.