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Documentation of Hamburg’s regional replication seminars now available

Header picture for documentation of Hamburg's regional replication seminars

The nights in our densely populated landscape are getting brighter. Municipalities and communities are faced with the conflicting priorities of safety, atmosphere, energy efficiency and environmental protection when planning urban lighting.

To this end, two digital seminars were held in Hamburg, to address current topics on sustainable urban lighting. The webinars focused on the effects of increasing illumination on human beings and the environment. The webinars addressed lighting experts, planners, associations and governmental institutions.  Guiding themes were:

“Smart Lighting technologies – aesthetic and sustainable?” and

“Dark Sky – A natural night to protect people and the environment”

The webinars contained keynotes of different perspectives – lighting planners, nature conservationists and public administration. Participants could actively take part in the exchange of knowledge. They discussed both obstacles and challenges as well as new approaches and innovative solutions in planning urban lighting. Each of the webinars was attended by more than 30 participants.

The documentation in German language of both seminars can be downloaded here.