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VALOA Design Ltd. winner of Tallinn’s international lighting design competition

General lighting plan for Tallinn Bastion Parks. VALOA

The international design competition launched by Tallinn municipality has come to an end. 15 teams from six different countries participated in the first competition phase. Three of them were selected to submit full competition works for a thematic plan for the lighting of Tallinn’s Bastion Zone parks. Zenisk AS, Ramboll and VALOA Design Ltd submitted comprehensive and excellent works. This made it really hard for the jury to choose a winner. Competition works were all different, full of good ideas, with in-depth analyses and well-formed.

The jury chose the work „Echoes“ by Finnish VALOA Design Ltd. as the winner. According to the jury members’ opinion, this work had the most holistic conception and innovative ideas. What is more, it continues the idea of lighting Tallinn’s old walls and towers. The team of VALOA Design suggests customised wooden poles which will create a connection between parks and give a unique appearance that plays in harmony with the whispering light of bastion walls and towers. VALOA Design also suggests a smart control system that takes weather, time, seasons and even bats into account. The winner of the competition will continue with schematic design project to Canute Garden.

Here are some impressions from the winning competition entry by VALOA Design Ltd.: